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The Tech Herald – 10/27/2010

Panda releases version 1.3 of Cloud Antivirus

“After millions of downloads, Panda’s Cloud Antivirus has become a go to tool for users seeking free anti-Malware coverage. On Wednesday, Panda released a new version of their popular scanner with dozens of fixes and improvements, each one based on customer feedback.”

PC Advisor – 10/23/2010

Should you block access to Facebook,Twitter at work?

“Social networking has taken over the web, and your company probably, which isn’t ideal, especially since they ruin productivity and munch bandwidth.”

Macworld – 10/21/2010

Does Mac OS X Need Malware Protection?

“Everyone knows that the Mac OS X operating system is just inherently secure. Any Apple loyalist will gladly explain to you everything that is wrong with Microsoft Windows, and how happy they are with not having to worry about malware and exploits on their shiny new Mac. So, I guess Macs don’t need security software and we have nothing left to talk about…”

Cnet – 10/20/2010

Panda Antivirus debuts for the Mac

“Panda Security has launched its latest product, this one geared specifically for Mac users.”

PCWorld – 10/20/2010

Panda Security Releases Mac App

“Panda Security has announced Panda Antivirus for Mac. In doing so, the company must answer the same question faced by every other security vendor trying to sell in this market: Do Macs really need protecting?”

Earth Times – 10/12/2010

Wall Street Journal Recognizes Active Water Sciences With 2010 Technology Innovation Award

“Texas based Active Water Sciences, LLC (AWS), makers of a revolutionary new wastewater treatment system with worldwide applications, is among an elite group of companies recognized in the 2010 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards.”

Forbes – 10/06/2010

‘Anonymous’ Cyber Protest Group Currently Attacking Spain’s Copyright Society

“PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, which first broke news last month of organized cyber protests against the Motion Picture Association of America and other copyright-focused organizations, warns that the ‘Anonymous’ cyber-activist group responsible today launched a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against the Spanish copyright protection society (SGAE). As of 2:30 p.m. EDT today, PandaLabs has witnessed more than 20 service interruptions to SGAE’s site, as well as four interruptions to a second Spanish site,”

Fox – 10/05/2010

New Phishing Attack Targets Apple iTunes, Security Firm Says

“A new cyberscam has been targeting the tens of millions of users of Apple’s iTunes music service, as crooks phish for confidential bank information.”

PC Advisor – 10/04/2010

Trojans make up 55% of all malware

“More than half (55 percent) of all new malware identified in the third quarter of this year were Trojans, said PandaLabs.”

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