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SC Magazine – 12/28/2010

More Mac malware common on 2011 prediction lists

“Will 2011 be the year that threats against Mac platforms and devices finally reach the tipping point? Yes, according to a number of security firms.”

eWeek – 12/26/2010

Verizon, RIM Investing in Mobile Security to Protect Phones from Attackers

“Carriers, developers and phone makers are rolling out new services and features to protect mobile devices from malicious attacks and data breaches.”

USA Today – 12/20/2010

PandaLabs Recaps Year of Malware With Its Virus Yearbook 2010

“PandaLabs, Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, is closing the year with a look at some of the unique and noteworthy viruses that have appeared over the last twelve months.”

CRN – 12/16/2010

Anonymous Hacking Group Changing Pro-WikiLeaks Campaign

“Members of the loosely organized hacking group Anonymous might be changing their attack methods in their campaign in support of WikiLeaks.”

eSecurity Planet – 12/15/2010

Hacktivism, Mobile Scams Top 2011 Security Threats

“Hackers motivated by money, country and ideology will pose ne, and more complex security challenges for consumers and enterprise IT administrators in 2011, according to a new report from security software vendor Panda Security.”

NBC12 – 12/15/2010

Panda Security’s Independent Awards and Business Momentum for 2010 Put Company on Top of Cloud Security Market

“Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, today announced end of year results in awards and market traction for the company’s cloud product line that serves small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) as well as consumers. In 2010, Panda Security secured 35 awards from recognized authorities on technology and business innovation, including the Wall Street Journal, CRN, PC World and AV Comparatives.”

BBC – 12/10/2010

Anonymous Wikileaks supporters explain web attacks

“The Anonymous group said they were not hackers but “average internet citizens” who felt motivated to act because of perceived injustices against Wikileaks.”

Reuters – 12/08/2010

Attacks on credit card sites a grass-roots effort

“Supporters of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange quickly built a cyber army that shut down the websites of the world’s two biggest credit card companies using simple tools posted on the Internet.”

The Telegraph – 12/08/2010

Wikileaks: Swedish prosecutors’ office targeted by Anonymous cyber attack

“The website of the Swedish prosecutor’s office pursuing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has come under cyber attack in the latest salvo in a campaign by online supporters of Mr Assange who have also struck PayPal and the Swiss Post Office bank.”

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